Want a Bigger Brain? The Mediterranean Diet May Help

Scientists have discovered that the Mediterranean diet may be linked with a larger brain volume. New research suggests that the diet, which involves eating more fish and less meat, could possibly prevent Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline among the elderly. While previous studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet can lead to health improvements such as…

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The Link Between Brainwaves, Creativity, and Depression

A recent news article highlights some exciting research examining the connection between the brain, creativity, and depression. Scientists stimulated the brainwaves of twenty individuals, after which they performed tests to measure creative thinking. The participants in the study showed an improvement of 7.4% in the ability to generate original ideas. This isn’t the first study…

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Snacking too much? The reason may be all in your head

Picture this: It’s been an hour since you ate a hearty meal, your hunger has been satisfied, and yet the idea of grabbing a snack sounds irresistibly delicious. It’s a situation we’ve all been in. Overeating can be an occasional indulgence for some people, while others find it a detrimental habit leading to obesity and…

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Scientists Discover Connection Between Brains and Cybersecurity

New research from Iowa State University has discovered a surprising link between cybersecurity threats and human brains. This study is the first of its kind to look at a technological problem from a neurological perspective. Employers and executives may be surprised at its results. Researchers monitored the brain activity of participants during a series of…

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Too Stressed for a Stress-Relieving Workout? Neurofeedback Can Help

Everyone has heard that working out can relieve stress. It’s too bad that a visit to the gym itself can feel so stressful! A recently conducted study found that 75% of women put off exercise due to feeling anxious about others judging them. A new problem for both men and women alike is the stress…

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