The Brain’s Role in Self-Improvement

The human brain can adapt to almost any situation. This is possible due to its quality of neuroplasticity, or ability to change. A recent experiment by scientists may have found the region of the brain responsible for finding more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks. Researchers wanted to examine what happens when the brain realizes that…

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New Research Reveals How Brains Learn Positive and Negative Behaviors

New research from the National Institute for Health provides insight into how the brain learns to avoid negative actions and reinforce positive behaviors. Scientists discovered a set of interconnected circuits in the emotional center of the brain, which is responsible for the sensations of pleasure and fear. This new understanding of the link between these…

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Improving Attention and Reducing Distractions – New research reveals how the brain processes visual information

Picture this – you’re walking down a busy city street, and come to a crosswalk at an intersection. Your brain is bombarded by a myriad of objects and stimuli competing for its attention – traffic lights, speeding cars, neon retail signs, and people walking past. How does your brain know to focus its attention on…

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It’s Drowsy Driving Week! Are You #Awake2Drive?

November 1st – 8th is officially National Drowsy Driving Week, an initiative sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. It’s a time for raising awareness about the ways getting behind the wheel without the proper sleep can take a toll on the safety of America’s roads. By making sure people know to check whether they are #Awake2Drive,…

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