Case Study: Teen’s Post-Concussion Recovery

Goal: 18 months after a significant concussion, reduce substantial PCS symptoms, return to full-time schooling and graduate Client: Rachel* Age: 16 Grade: 11th Rachel came to PeakBrain after experiencing a concussion in a car accident about 18 months prior. For almost two years, Rachel suffered from the debilitating effects of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS), including severe migraines…

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Case Study: Executive Reduces Stress in Order to Better Run His Company

Goal: To Reduce Stress in Order to Better Run His Company & Recover from a Concussion Caused by a Motor Vehicle Collision Client: Mark Age: Adult Mark, a C-level executive at one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, initially brought his son into PeakBrain. After seeing the progress his son was making, he decided to…

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Relief from Daily Headaches with Neurofeedback

Client: Martha* Age: 74 Goal: Overcome chronic headaches from a fall and prevent cognitive decline from aging Martha came to PeakBrain with concerns about short-term memory, headaches, difficulties with word finding and thinking clearly, and poor sleep quality after a serious fall 3 weeks prior. She reported that after her 6th session she was no…

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