Can Daylight Saving Time cause poor sleep?

Posted on : 08 Mar 2019 | No Comments

Are you ready for Daylight saving time? Are you ready for Daylight Saving Time? It’s that time of year again when we “spring forward” (fall back) into Daylight Saving time. What an odd nickname for an event that forces us to lose a precious hour of sleep! Doesn’t it make you wonder about the wisdom…

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Anxiety is a growing, modern malady.

Posted on : 05 Mar 2019 | No Comments

No, it’s not your imagination.   Anxiety is exploding in our society.     By now, we’re all familiar with how ubiquitous Google is, and how well it documents and serves our society’s needs to scratch our digital “itches.”     We may not realize how well it also catalogs the state of our mental…

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1 in 5 teens diagnosed with concussions

Posted on : 04 Nov 2018 | No Comments

…but brain trauma is caused by less severe blows, not concussions A study reported in the Journal Brain (see below) in January 2018 finds that although concussions (defined as severe blows to the head that result in immediate and acute symptoms) have received much attention in studying brain trauma, it is milder hits to the…

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Meditation—An Ancient But Modern Tool For Health Of Mind And Body.

Posted on : 13 Jul 2018 | No Comments

  Recent events have brought meditation into the spotlight as we’ve learned about the team of trapped Thai soccer players who used meditation to remain calm and survive two excruciating weeks trapped in a submerged cave. As one of the mothers stated, “Look at how calm they were sitting there waiting. No one was crying…

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Cutting-edge Solutions Utilize the Brain’s Ability to Heal Itself

Posted on : 03 Feb 2017 | 1 Comment

The brain, a three-pound organ of wonder that has baffled scientists for ages and is mysteriously incomparable to anything in the world, serves as the ultimate command center for the entire human body. It controls our thoughts, speech and memory, movement, behavior, our perception and understanding of our surroundings, and so much more. Researchers have…

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Not Sleeping Enough? You could be risking your health AND your life.

Posted on : 09 Nov 2016 | No Comments

The brain is the most powerful machine in the world. With billions of neurons and connections it is constantly at work, keeping the body on the go 24/7. According to Gallup, full-time workers average 47 hours per week, and 40% of those adults report working more than 50 hours per week. Not only are Americans…

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Just Say No to these Presidential Candidates, America!

Posted on : 08 Nov 2016 | No Comments

If you’re alive in 2016, you’re drowning in excess stimulus from many sources. Some studies say that human beings are confronted with 6 to 10 times more inputs today than we were just a few years ago. Whether it’s from electronic devices, sound pollution, rapidly changing environments or modern technology, the impact of all of…

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2016 Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

Posted on : 07 Nov 2016 | No Comments

Quality sleep is essential for optimal functioning. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night and is advocating for awareness during this Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. While it may seem like a lot of “down time,” it’s a highly productive time for your brain to catch up from…

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Too Much Sugar Can Damage the Brain

Posted on : 31 Oct 2016 | No Comments

  Have a sweet-tooth? So does nearly half of American adults and 1 in 3 of America’s youth. According to a recent study by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, it was found that a diet with too much sugar, specifically high in fructose, can slow brain function, making learning more difficult. Fructose,…

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ADHD Diagnosis in Adults Contributes to Overall Increase

Posted on : 30 Oct 2016 | 4 Comments

Did you grow up during the ‘50s or 60s and are having trouble focusing? Dr. David Goodman at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has recently seen a number of patients worried about dementia, but who in fact had symptoms of ADHD. Diagnoses of ADHD are rising, partially due to increased diagnoses of adults with…

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