Neurofeedback Offers Relief from Concussions + Traumatic Brain Injury

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Neurofeedback Offers Relief from Concussions + Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have been affected by complications resulting from concussions or a traumatic brain injury, it can seem as if your life has been permanently changed. Problems with memory, recurring migraines, or other issues can make it seem as if normalcy is always just out of reach. Many people suffering from these problems state that they don’t feel like they can do anything to improve their condition.

Symptoms resulting from post-concussion syndrome can include:

Headaches / Migraines
Nausea, Dizziness, Impaired Balance
Tinnitus / Ringing Ears
Emotional / Psychosocial
Emotional Volatility
Impulsivity & Irritability
Anxiety & Depression
Personality Changes
Lack of Social Interest
Cognitive Struggles
Poor Focus, Attention
Learning Issues
Memory Problems
Communication Difficulties


Help is available. PeakBrain now offers neurofeedback, an innovative technological solution that helps optimize your brain’s functioning. Improving the brain as a whole often restores quality of life. If you’re interested in learning how neurofeedback brain training works, read our guide on the subject.

There is a constantly expanding body of research showing that neurofeedback can be beneficial to those dealing with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. One study looked at 40 individuals using neurofeedback to overcome their diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome. An excerpt from their findings is quoted below.

“Overall improvement was seen in all the primary (SA-45, CGI, Hamilton Depression scale) and secondary measures (MMPI, TOVA ). The Neuroguide Traumatic Brain Index for the group also showed a decrease. Thirty nine subjects were followed up long-term with an average follow-up length of 3.1 years (± 1.2y). All but 2 subjects were stable and were off medication. Overall NF treatment was shown to be effective in this group of subjects studied.”

These results are consistent with other studies showing neurofeedback’s efficacy as a tool to help those dealing with concussions or traumatic brain injury return to everyday life. If you have any questions about neurofeedback, feel free to contact us directly. We also offer several other methods of restoring wellness following a concussion or traumatic brain injury including nutrition, hemoencephalography, performance testing, brain mapping, and more. One of our experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. PeakBrain has convenient locations in Dallas, Lewisville, Irving, and Frisco, TX. To start the journey towards a healthier brain, click the button below to schedule your free consultation.







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