Neurofeedback Solutions for Women’s Health

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Neurofeedback Solutions for Women’s Health

Mainstream medical approaches relegate women’s health challenges to hormonal dysfunction with little real relief or support except invasive procedures, potent medications or the notion that women might just learn to endure their symptoms. While each woman’s needs are unique, it is important to understand that, like all physiological processes, these women’s symptoms actually originate in the brain. By helping the brain function better through neurofeedback training, symptoms of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause can be resolved or reduced.

The brain is linked to overall well-being in more ways than is widely known. Improving the brain’s balance and reducing learned patterns of dysregulation can have a powerful impact on hormonal and physical imbalance.

A Clear-Sighted Option

Medication and hormonal procedures are not always the answer. Neurofeedback supports women’s health in a controlled and easily measured approach. Training the brain helps it function better. More women are choosing neurofeedback as a clear-sighted option to help balance their bodies through life transitions.

There are times when women feel “out of whack” due to hormonal cycles. Cases of PMS for instance, are known to introduce a further state of imbalance all through a number of the body’s systems. With neurofeedback, women can be afforded a regulative option, which guides these cycles into a state of balance.

Research has shown neurofeedback to be effective in reducing the effects of PMS to the point that women no longer worry that it will interfere with their daily living. One study involving 24 sessions of neurofeedback for women with PMS demonstrated these positive effects in 9 out of 10 women, while some found that they actually experienced no more symptoms of PMS.

The Truths in the Myths

Neurofeedback illustrates that some of women’s symptoms are “all in their heads” physiologically and not psychologically. It trains the brain into operating with higher levels of control and stability, which in turn stabilizes the many symptoms of PMS and menopause. A number of women’s hormonal symptoms are a result of dysregulation in the brain, and neurofeedback provides a way to normalize unhealthy brain patterns. Once the brain is working better, symptoms tend to resolve.

Neurofeedback – Getting to the Root

For women who’ve experienced disruptions to sleep, focus, mood, energy and attention, other adjunct symptoms may arise as well. For example, anger, migraines, and seizure disorders have all been known to arise from PMS. When these issues are handled with neurofeedback, the benefit to the brain, and in essence the whole body system, is well worth considering.

Managing Menopause and Other Concerns

The specific reproductive cycles women undergo in their lives contribute to a number of possible health concerns. Uterine and ovarian function are clearly important to women’s health. However, with the normal biological processes of menstruation and menopause, many discomforting symptoms actually originate in the brain. This is where neurofeedback can help. In cases where women express vulnerabilities during such hormonal shifts, there can be a negative impact on overall brain function and stability. Anxiety, panic, frustration, anger and even physical ailments including pain often manifest in a complex that is hard to pinpoint or solve. However, the brain is at the core of all physical processes, and the brain has an amazing ability to learn and heal itself. Studies have shown that the restoration of harmonious brain function via neurofeedback usually brings physical symptoms into regulation also, without reliance on medication or hormonal treatments to facilitate well-being.

To learn more about how neurofeedback works, read our guide on the subject. PeakBrain also offers several other techniques to ensure women live their best including nutrition services, brain mapping, and hemoencephalography. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. One of our experts will be more than happy to provide you with answers. PeakBrain has convenient locations in Dallas (Coming Soon!), Frisco, Coppell, and Lewisville, TX. To start your journey to a healthy, happy you, schedule your free consultation.

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