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The Brain

The brain is a powerful organ and machine, the most amazing ever studied by humans. It controls virtually everything we do and is impacted in profound and often harmful ways by the modern lifestyle. Yet, we usually ignore it and ignore its immense ability to heal itself and our bodies and minds.

PeakBrain employs modern technologies including whole-brain neurofeedback, biofeedback, hemoencephalography and brainwave-based mindfulness meditation to improve the brain’s self-regulation and balance, harnessing the brain’s ability to heal itself in a remarkably effective way.

At the root of this solution is a simple but powerful principle – when given precise information about its own operation and functioning, the brain gradually regains balance and operates in a more efficient manner that we know as the “zone.”



You might have heard of the concept of neuroplasticity. Put simply, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to learn and grow new connections and adapt anew as new demands are placed on it. As the control center of our bodies, the brain is continually learning from its environment. Scientists have only recently understood that brain development continues throughout life, and that the brain can be trained to learn new skills and new ways of functioning. Brain training can be done in simple ways, but sustained, credible results require systems that have been rigorously designed and tested for maximal impact.

How It Works

What Happens in a Neurofeedback Session

Your neurofeedback trainer will have you sit in a comfortable chair and look at a computer screen in front of you. She may ask you to fill in a very brief questionnaire describing how you are feeling.
PeakBrain is an affordable, drug-free solution for lasting results.
The trainer will use some paste to place a tiny sensor on your head, and ear clips on your ears. The paste is needed to help pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, neurofeedback is simply reading these signals— nothing is going into you. The paste is easily removed after the session. The trainer may record a baseline and review that with you before starting the training.  While neurofeedback offers some very exciting ways of assessing your progress, in the end it is always how you are doing in your life that counts most. After all, that is what brought you into training in the first place!

Then you will start training. Your trainer will give you some earbuds and maybe even a blanket. You might listen to music or watch a movie, and there will be very brief pauses in the sound or image. The pauses are often so quick you may not consciously notice them. The pauses correspond to moments of less fluid brain activity, and serve as cues to your brain. Your brain uses the mathematics behind these cues to distinguish between efficient and less effective brain activity. The very precise timing of these pauses gives the brain the information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You can just relax and let your brain do its job, which it does very well without effort on your part. You can even close your eyes and just “zone out” if you want. The training time can vary, but is usually around 35 minutes. After you have finished, the trainer may record another baseline and compare it with your earlier one.

Your trainer is there to help you and answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to raise them.

Transformation with neurofeedback happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort from the client!


Your brain controls everything in your body. By training your brain, you will experience optimal brain performances. An advanced form of ‘Brain Training’, neurofeedback has helped thousands of people to achieve peak performance and overcome mental challenges.

Report on Neurofeedback success after 20 training sessions.

What Neurofeedback is NOT…


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