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neuroplasticityOne of the greatest breakthroughs in neuroscience has been the discovery of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s capacity to continually learn and adapt throughout life. It’s the reason why people are able to acquire new skills at any age. Under the proper conditions, the brain been seen to have seemingly miraculous abilities for curing both physical and mental ailments.

For example, consider the case of Dr. Albert Mason. In 1954, Dr. Mason was charged to treat a young man who had an incurable skin condition known as congenital ichthyosiform erythrodermia, which caused the patient an incredible amount of pain and discomfort. With no traditional options available, the doctor decided to try using hypnosis and see if the brain could literally think itself into health. Within two weeks, the skin condition had improved by levels that had been previously thought of as impossible.

Results like those in the story above haven’t been seen since, so don’t go running to your local hypnotist for medical treatment anytime soon. However, they do show the undeniable influence that the brain and neuroplasticity can have on life. At PeakBrain, we give the brain the tools it needs to harness neuroplasticity and achieve an incredible amount of self-improvement. This is done using neurofeedback, hemoencephalography, performance testing, brain mapping, and other drug-free, affordable, lasting ways to optimize how your brain functions. Our next section covers what neurofeedback is, and how it works.


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