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The Brain

the brainThe brain is perhaps the most amazing part of the human body, so complex and multifaceted that scientists are still baffled by how it works. Half of a person’s genetic material contains the design for their brain, while the other half holds the blueprint for the remaining 98% of their body. Your brain contains over 100,000 miles of axons, or connectors, so long that if laid end-to-end they would wrap around the earth four times. Experts estimate that over the course of a modern lifetime, your brain will retain up to a quadrillion pieces of information.

It’s this complexity that makes problems stemming from the brain so difficult to understand. Researchers and physicians still are unable to identify the specific ways ADHD, depression or insomnia take root in the human mind. This is the reason why treatments for these conditions, while effective, tend to alleviate symptoms without addressing their source.

Today’s Technology

Now, an innovative technology known as neurofeedback can help optimize the brain’s functioning as a whole. This is possible through a quality of the brain called neuroplasticity. Read on to find out what neuroplasticity is, and how it can be harnessed to help you unlock your potential and overcome obstacles in your life.


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