What is Neurofeedback?

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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback brain training is a method of teaching the brain to naturally self-correct when it is about to enter a turbulent state. It uses technology which has been researched and refined for over fifty years. Though neurofeedback was quite expensive in the past, recent innovations have made it affordable and available to a wider audience. PeakBrain now offers this life-changing service in the Dallas (Coming Soon!), Frisco, and Coppell/Lewisville areas.

As mentioned in the previous section on neuroplasticity, your brain is constantly learning new behaviors and patterns of thought. Some of these are beneficial, such as building habits for healthy eating or maintaining a positive outlook. Others can be quite detrimental, and lead to the development of nagging worries or poor sleep patterns. What neurofeedback does is function as a mirror for the brain, allowing it to identify when it is about to engage in these patterns of thought and self-correct.

brain waves pictureThis is done by using a device to monitor a person’s brainwaves. When the machine identifies that one’s brain is about to enter an inefficient state or turbulent state, it will alert the brain through an auditory, or heard, signal. The signal lets the brain know to subconsciously adjust itself, and return to a more relaxed thought pattern.

Over time, the brain learns to self-correct on its own, just like it learns any other kind of skill. By maintaining an optimal pattern of thought, neurofeedback users often feel more focused, in control, and develop a more positive outlook on life. Some report that obstacles that were holding them back in life became more manageable after multiple brain training sessions, a claim which is supported by an ever-growing body of research. Despite the countless studies testing neurofeedback’s efficacy, there are still some common misconceptions about brain training. Read on to get the real facts about neurofeedback.


Common Myths about Neurofeedback   

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