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What is

QEEG Brain Mapping?

A Powerful Way to Improve Executive Function

The brain is a complex, dynamic, and sometimes chaotic system. QEEG measures and interprets the brain’s activity to help guide effective brain training.

What is a QEEG? (Quantitative Electroencephalograph)


QEEG is a comprehensive record of the brain’s activity gathered from 20 or more sites on the head, corresponding to the majority of the brain’s anatomy, while one is engaged in a variety of mental tasks or at rest. The brain map that results captures how the brain shifts from being at rest to higher activity and across various measures including frequency, amplitude, stability and connectivity.

The data that is gathered is carefully analyzed and corrected for artifacts. The resulting picture of the brain is a rich, multidimensional tool, which has been shown to be useful in understanding various aspects of a brain’s function and operation.

Just as athletes in different sports focus on training different muscles, your brain can resolve different issues by training different areas. QEEG let you know which parts of the brain should be trained to get the most efficient results.

Making Sense of the Data


There are two approaches to analyzing QEEG data:

Population Based

Compares your brain activity to hundreds of other people who have undergone QEEG analysis over the past 30 years. This produces dozens of “z-scores”—specific measures in specific areas of the client’s brain which differ from “average”.

Pattern Based

Identifies patterns in brain activity QEEG research has linked to problem areas in a person’s life. These were developed by comparing people with specific training issues (e.g. anxiety, ADHD) against the general population to discover the differences. Training to change these patterns can be expected to improve your mood, behavior, performance or symptom.

How Does PeakBrain Use QEEG Results for Brain Training?

If you tried constructing a building without a set of blueprints, you wouldn’t know where to start. The brain is much more complex than any building, which means you need a plan to know the best way to train it.

QEEG results provide a detailed analysis of your brain patterns. These are used to identify brain activity that could be having a detrimental effect on your quality of life. It allows your brain trainer to identify the most efficient form and schedule of neurofeedback to get lasting results.

All QEEG analysis is non-invasive and safe – it monitors your brain activity without changing anything. By collecting this data, you can develop a plan for the best way to train your brain.

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