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What is Hemoenchephalography?

HEG Brain Training


A Powerful Way to Improve Executive Function

Recent studies show that HEG Training can improve aspects of Executive function in both adults and adolescents, including attention, organization and planning.

What is HEG Training?

HEG stands for HemoEncephaloGraphy–training to increase blood levels and blood oxygenation, which improve the metabolic capacity of parts of the brain. It is primarily done on the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the area behind the forehead, which is the executive center of the brain. The PFC controls attention, screening of distractions, processing of sensory information, organizing, planning, short-term working memory, impulse control (verbal, physical, emotional) and language output.

Training to improve its function is often very effective in improving these issues and maturing the brain (i.e. speeding it up), just as changing the CEO of a company can improve functions throughout the company.

The brain responds to exercise like a muscle; with regular brain exercise, activity increases in conjunction with demand for increased blood flow. As neuronal connections are strengthened, the brain actually grows larger and more efficient.

How HEG Brain Training Can Help

Optimizing frontal brain activity with HEG training can help one to:

  • focus effectively and maintain concentration

  • gain control over emotions and impulses

  • maintain a sense of purpose and self-possession

  • respond flexibly to the demands of the situation.

Several disorders have been linked to poor functioning of the Pre-Frontal Cortex including anxiety and mood problems, emotional regulation, attention and concentration problems and migraine headaches.

How does PeakBrain’s HEG Training Program Work?

HEG directly trains the brain itself. It’s like a fitness workout for the brain. Optimizing the brain’s physiological performance leads to improved mental and emotional functioning.

HEG measures (and feeds back) changes in the brain’s energy consumption (which is related to blood flow). Typically we train the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC), which has been described as the brain’s “executive control center”. Conveniently it is behind the forehead.

HEG training is non-invasive and safe – it is a learning procedure rather than an active intervention. By stimulating the brain’s natural capacity to grow and learn, it produces lasting benefits.

Change Your Own Brain

One of the best things about training is that nobody does it TO you. Whether or not you work with a professional trainer, you’re the one doing the exercise, and you’re the one making the changes.

Most mental health diagnoses are not “curable”. Psychotherapy teaches “patients” to “live with” their problems. Medication approaches don’t claim to produce lasting changes: “you can manage the problem with drugs, but you can’t fix it”.

Brain training gives you the power to change yourself. You have the power not only to change those things that originally made you seek help, but pretty much anything in the way you think, feel, behave and perform.

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