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EEG Biofeedback

Neurofeedback is a method of training brainwaves to alter the structure and function to enable the brain to work optimally.  It’s a very powerful, predicable training intervention and is completely non-invasive.



Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy is a non-drug treatment in which patients learn to control bodily processes that are normally involuntary, such as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate.

Psychology Patient


Via Videoconference

We believe the overall health of the brain plays a major role in your well-being. Through a range of holistic methods and a flexible approach to therapy, we focus on retraining unhealthy habits of the brain and encouraging the increase of healthy reactions. 

Business Conversation

Goal-Oriented Coaching

Coaching and Neurofeedback

Our Goal-Oriented Coaching will easily and quickly guide you to use more optimally functioning brainwave patterns that emanate from the misplaced parts of their higher performing self.

Meditation by the Sea

Brainwave-Based Meditation


 Our EEG Device uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you to keep your mind calm and settled.  As your focus drifts, you’ll hear cues that will  bring your attention back to your breathing and back to calm.


Cognitive Perceptual Training

Brain Training

Cognitive-perceptual training addresses the impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that result from a deficit in cognition or perception.  We offer a variety of cutting-edge technologies that not only train the eyes, but the brain as well.

Hands on Deck

Cognitive Assessments


cognitive assessment evaluates important areas of brain function. These include memory, concentration, processing speed, language, and reasoning capabilities. A baseline cognitive assessment provides a reference point to measure against and to measure progress during training.

Analyzing Scans

EEG Sleep/Wake Study

Insomnia Testing

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder in the population but it's shockingly under-diagnosed, and most providers either leave it untreated or prescribe dangerous sleep aids for it.  We bring a comprehensive rigor to testing for insomnia with a test in the comfort of your home that is reimbursed by most insurance plans, followed by innovative solutions that restore your sound sleep.

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Brain Stimulation Device

Fisher Wallace Device

Our brain stimulation medical device is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia. It works by stimulating serotonin production, alpha wave production and the default mode network while lowering cortisol, as proven in multiple published studies.

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At-Home Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback Training at home

Our user friendly, professional home neurofeedback training system allows unlimited training for one monthly fee.  This is a real neurofeedback system, on loan, in your home!  It is easy to use and safe as only our trained professionals can program your training and it allows us to review all sessions remotely.  Daily tracking logs keep us up-to-date with your observations/comments. 


HEG Training


HEG training increases blood levels and blood oxygenation, which improve the metabolic capacity of parts of the brain. It is primarily done on the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the area behind the forehead, which is the executive center of the brain. The PFC controls attention, screening of distractions, processing of sensory information, organizing, planning, short-term working memory, impulse control (verbal, physical, emotional) and language output.  


QEEG Brain Mapping

Quantitative Electroencephalograph

QEEG is a comprehensive record of the brain’s activity gathered from 20 or more sites on the head, corresponding to the majority of the brain’s anatomy, while one is engaged in a variety of mental tasks or at rest. The brain map that results captures how the brain shifts from being at rest to higher activity and across various measures including frequency, amplitude, stability and connectivity.

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