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We are mental health specialists located in the DFW area.  Our mission is to help children, adolescents and adults improve their emotional  and psychological well-being.  We believe that compassionate care and deep understanding, combined with the art and science of contemporary clinical psychology, provides the best hope for easing discomfort and learning new ways of problem-solving.

Catherine Owen, MS, NCC, LPC-
Board-Certified Counselor
and Licensed Professional Counselor

Biofeedback & neurofeedback

Biofeedback decreases anxiety through its relaxation techniques.  It can be measured with either your heart rhythm or your pulse rate.

Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, is a computer-assisted learning therapy that trains your brain to function more efficiently.  

Neurofeedback therapy is noninvasive and does not involve medication.

Talk Therapy & Couples Counseling

With talk therapy, a counselor will help you find solutions to struggles you may be facing by talking through them together. We focus on problem solving, insight, self-realization and decision making skills to move toward personal growth and healing. We utilize Cognitive Behavioral techniques to assist our clients in reframing negative beliefs and challenge negative thought distortions.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is not only seen as the most effective and successful form of treatment for all addictive disorders, but it also provides amazing support for partners of addicts and couples who are in the healing process.


Eric T.

Everyone at PeakBrain is so nurturing and caring. My treatment with them has been nothing short of a life changing experience. Something that amazed me was how calm & relaxed I would feel after the treatments. After every treatment little by little I began feel better and better. PeakBrain has helped me every step of the way in my recovery to reach a new level of normal. I recommend PeakBrain for everyone.

Fri Mar 29 2019

Lucie P. 

The people at PeakBrain really care about your progress and have been extremely helpful, comforting, and friendly. They are also extremely knowledgeable and have been instrumental to my improvement, after months of brain training and counseling I have seen significant changes and I urge anyone with depression/anxiety/PTSD to reach out to PeakBrain, I'm so glad I did!

Fri Mar 15 2019

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