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Case Study: Executive Reduces Stress in Order to Better Run His Company


Client: Mark
Age: Adult

Mark, a C-level executive at one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, initially brought his son into PeakBrain. After seeing the progress his son was making, he decided to explore PeakBrain’s program as a solution for his needs.

Mark’s primary concern was what he called ‘excessive brain noise.’ When he closed his eyes Mark compared the brain noise and distraction he felt when he closed his eyes to the noise and distraction of having multiple televisions playing different channels on full blast. The noise and distraction in his brain were so excessive that he had to work extremely hard to stay on task, something that was difficult to do given the demands of his job. Those demands added to Mark’s problems with the amount of stress he was under on a daily basis.

Mark began his PeakBrain program and noticed continually a decrease in the mental “noise” that was his previous complaint. One day, he jovially reported the noise was so minimal he didn’t notice it and he felt significantly more productive at work.

Near the end of his program, Mark suffered a concussion in a motor vehicle collision. He was struggling to find words, remember names, and exercise his cognitive function at work and home. He reported that he was in a meeting and couldn’t think of the company owner’s name. Two sessions after his collision, his cognitive function and memory were restored to their previous level.

After completing his PeakBrain program, Mark has felt more productive, less distracted and better able to handle potentially stressful situations. When speaking with Mark six months later, he still raves about the amazing transformation PeakBrain’s program brought to his entire life.

*This case study is of an actual PeakBrain client. The name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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