• Gerard Jacob

Relief from Daily Headaches with Neurofeedback

Client: Martha* Age: 74 Goal: Overcome chronic headaches from a fall and prevent cognitive decline from aging

Martha came to PeakBrain with concerns about short-term memory, headaches, difficulties with word finding and thinking clearly, and poor sleep quality after a serious fall 3 weeks prior. She reported that after her 6th session she was no longer experiencing headaches, which she had previously experienced daily up to that point.

As Martha progressed through training she became noticeably more talkative, engaged and vivacious. At her 11th session, Martha reported,

I feel no like a totally different person than when I started the sessions. I know that I still have some problems, but I feel like I have progressed so much further than when I started the sessions. I don’t have nearly as much trouble remembering words as before. I have had no headaches since sometime in September. I feel like a new person!

Over 14 sessions Martha’s symptoms decreased by 80 percent and none of her symptoms were ranked above a severity of 2 out of 10!

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*This case study is of an actual PeakBrain client. The name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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