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Meditation—An Ancient But Modern Tool For Health Of Mind And Body

Recent events have brought meditation into the spotlight as we’ve learned about the team of trapped Thai soccer players who used meditation to remain calm and survive two excruciating weeks trapped in a submerged cave. As one of the mothers stated, “Look at how calm they were sitting there waiting. No one was crying or anything. It was astonishing.” (1)

With 100% of the trapped team surviving two-weeks in the cave, a phenomenal survival rate, this is only further support of the power of meditation, and the brain.

Meditation has been used by many cultures throughout history.  Numerous research studies show that this practice can improve physical, mental, emotional, and overall health.

Although meditation is commonly associated with Buddhism, it is not a practice that is limited to a single religion or worldview, and certainly doesn’t have to be a mystic or esoteric practice. It has been used by countless cultures throughout the centuries with remarkable health benefits.

Today, extensive research studies show that over time, outcomes from the practice of meditation include better physiological and psychological balance, reduced stress and anxiety, improved mental and emotional health and resilience, improved sleep, and even improved academic performance.  

Meditation, specifically mindfulness meditation is important to overall brain health and performance. PeakBrain’s programs incorporate meditation and related brain-training solutions in a relaxing and accessible manner; allowing you to achieve the benefits of meditation without requiring the extensive and rigorous study and practice required of accomplished monks such as the Thai soccer coach. To learn more about meditation and how our programs can help YOU, please call 972.449.0441.

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